Employment & Skills

Chaired by Caren Pegg, the Employment & Skills Committee represents members across all sectors and meets on the last Thursday of each month.

Committee Membership



Karen Corran (Chair)

HR Director, Hansard Global Plc 

Caren Pegg 

Partner, Appleby

Emma Allard

Chief Executive Officer/Proprietor of the Hamblin Employment Group

Charlotte Davies


Karen Conway

HR Manager, Triumph Actuation Systems – UK & IOM

Elaine Codona

Director, Global People Solutions Limited

Karann Davies

Senior Consultant, EPL Isle of Man

Sue Gee

Managing Director, TLC Business Solutions

Kelley Corlett 

Learning & Development Manager, Manx Telecom

Elanna Swindon

Human Resources Manager, Sefton 

Bernadette Murphy

Director, Connect2Recruitment

Patricia Stearn

Senior HR Business Partner, Pokerstars 

Rebecca Netton

 MAC Group 

Jo Pretty

Principal, University College Isle of Man

Samantha Pemberton

Senior HR Manager PWC

Sarah Blayden

HR Manager, Heron & Brearley

Leanne McKeown 

Director, DQ Advocates

Heidi Dalgleish

Head of Human Resources, Continent 8

Lynsey Harris 

Head of Human Resources, Isle of Man Creamery 

Lorna Trevethan 

General Manager, employed.im. PDMS

Jodie Teare (FUEL Representative)



About the Committee

The Committee works closely with the Isle of Man Government, businesses of all sizes and it represents all sectors. It represents and supports Chamber members on all matters concerning employment and training. It recognises that employment and training are critical factors in relation to the future success and development of the Isle of Man economy.


Priorities and Objectives

  • To represent the interests of Chamber members on all matters concerning employment, skills and development;
  • To consult with government in relation to any key piece of proposed employment legislation or initiative;
  • To work closely with the Department of Education, the Isle of Man College and students to assess employability skills and to align the education system with the changing needs of the economy;
  • To seek to advise and influence government to ensure that it is aware of the practical impact that proposed employment legislation may have on businesses and employers by identifying threats and opportunities;
  • To work closely with the Department of Economic Development (DED) by acting as a liaison contact between DED and Chamber Members to identify and communicate current employment matters;
  • To provide a discussion/ consultation forum to help identify, propose and promote new initiatives for DED to consider when developing future strategy that will affect Chamber members;
  • To generally promote the use of the Manx Industrial Relations Service as an independent body that can assist employers and businesses;
  • To promote continued support, training and education of Isle of Man students in a range of skills and business sectors to encourage a diverse and flexible economy; and
  • To provide input and comment on key employment concerns that require regular review such as work permit, immigration and minimum wage issues.

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