Employment & Skills


Chaired by Karen Corran, the Employment & Skills Committee represents members across all sectors and meets on the last Thursday of every month.

Committee Membership

Member Organisation 
Karen Corran (Chair) Hansard Global PLC
Lorna Trevathan (Vice-Chair) PDMS/Employed.im
Caren Pegg Appleby
Charlotte Davies Microgaming
Karran Davies EPL Isle of Man
Kelley Corlett Manx Telecom
Elanna Swindon Sefton Group
Eddie Kewin MPES
Rebecca Netton MAC Group
Samantha Pemberton  PwC
Gail Yeowell SmartHR
Leanne McKeown DQ Advocates
Heidi Dalgleish Global People Solutions
Lynsey Harris KPMG
Geoff Chatwood UCM
Emma Cox Strix

About the Committee

The Committee works closely with the Isle of Man Government, businesses of all sizes and it represents all sectors. It represents and supports Chamber members on all matters concerning employment and training. It recognises that employment and training are critical factors in relation to the future success and development of the Isle of Man economy.

Priorities and Objectives

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