Membership benefits

Why join the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce?

The Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic, high profile business network of members representing all key sectors of the economy.   For more than 60 years, Chamber has been the Island's leading advocate and champion for business with a focus on creating a climate of growth and success in our community.

Chamber members represent in the region of half of the private sector workforce of the Island. Within Chamber, there are a number of sector committees that focus on sector specific matters.

The committees work tirelessly to highlight and resolve common issues for the benefit of all Chamber members and the wider Island economy. When appropriate, a focus group is established for significant issues that affect all our members such as air and sea links to the Island.

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Benefits of becoming a sustaining member

By paying an increased fee sustaining members demonstrate a commitment to supporting the work that Chamber does for the local business community.

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Benefits for new business start-up's

Here at Chamber we are passionate about building a business community and want all Island businesses to come on that journey, be it large, small, well established or just starting out.  Creating a business community will allow businesses to support each other whether that be through knowledge, resource or shared good practice.  

As a start-up/entrepreneur Chamber can offer the following benefits:

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