Positive Health & Wellbeing Forum

Aims & Objectives

“The purpose of the Positive Health & Wellbeing Forum is to encourage networking and collaboration between Chamber members who own and run businesses in the wellbeing, personal care and positive health space. The forum will also raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good workplace health and well-being”

The Forum will:

• Work with other members in the positive health & wellbeing arena to encourage and facilitate collaboration, forge relationships and deliver events for the benefit of wider chamber member health and mental wellbeing awareness.
• Raise the awareness of mental health and neurodiversity in the workplace.
• Deliver targeted wellbeing resources to the members
• Encourage conversations on mental health and neurodiversity to “remove the stigma”;
• Encourage best mental health practices within the work places;
• Encourage a wider discussion of mental health, wellbeing and neurodiversity on the Island and collaborate with other professional bodies who might wish to share ideas;

The Wellbeing Forum is currently Chaired by Juan Moore.