Skills Group

We now have the Chamber Skills Group which feeds into the Isle of Man Government’s Economic Recovery Group – People stream – the Skills Group will have some important lobbying work to do over the coming year in terms of ensuring that industry views are heard. This Group has cross sectorial representation along with those who have an interest and investment in skills on the Island, and wanting to ensure that residents have access to good quality education and financial support to help those who may wish to pursue a new career later in life. The Group will also ensure that skills gaps are identified and offer solutions that could reduce these and support the growth in the economy.

The Chamber Skills Group is headed up by Lorna Trevethan, who has been working in supporting skills development on the island for over 5 years, firstly at PDMS where she was lead for the Year 10 Work Experience Programme, the coordinator for the Engineering Sector’s ACE programme, coordinator for the Career Ready Isle of Man Programme and the Digital Apprenticeship Scheme. Lorna is now working with Readynez Isle of Man to help develop a digital skills programme for the Island. Lorna is passionate about developing skills for all and ensuring that all residents have access to lifelong learning that supports both the individual and addresses any skills gaps that our island economy has.

So with the ‘Skills’ element of the Committee covered we wanted to ensure the other topics that were traditionally tackled within the E&S Committee were not lost.

Firstly, Legislation – with thanks to Heidi Dalgliesh for leading and now Gail Yeowell for taking over – this Group is now up and running. With FUEL re-booting to ‘Think Tank’ we felt legislation had a natural fit within this group so we have offered members of the Think Tank to also join the legislation group.

Next we have Aging Population – with thanks to Rebecca Netton for leading this group. Again, this feeds very nicely into the Think Tank and we have asked existing members to express an interest to join the Group.