Chamber Charity Spotlight | Scripture Union Ministries Trust (SUMT) | Dec 2021

Now more than ever local charities need support from the business community to ensure the fantastic work they undertake continues and develops. Charitable work is an excellent way to enhance your businesses CSR, in addition to giving you and your team the “feel good factor” Every month Chamber Voice will be highlighting the propositions and projects of our individual Charity members and educating you on how and why your business might choose to become a supporter. This month we hear from the team at SUMT who tell us who they are and how businesses can help them.

Date: Tuesday 14 December 2021

Brief description of your charity:
We are a Christian Youth Work charity who aim to bring “Faith Within Reach” of every child and young person on our Island. Giving them information about the Christian faith, space to think through it for themselves, and support in their spiritual development throughout their school career. We have been active on the Isle of Man since the 80’s, and our work is made possible through the support
of many Island churches (of varying denominations) and the volunteers they provide. We hope to help schools fulfil their R.E. (R.M.P.S.) and P.S.H.E. curriculums at both the primary and secondary levels. We work under the umbrella of SU England and Wales, however we are completely independently financed and governed on the Isle of Man

How can business help you?
Businesses can help us primarily by enabling staff to participate in our work as part of their volunteering days. We need many volunteers to make each part of our work happen, and the majority of that is in the school day, meaning volunteers often need to take time from work, by enable them to use their volunteer days with us, you help us to be able to run.

Current Projects:
Each school year we are involved in roughly 15 curriculum days (focused on either transition, philosophy, relationships or RE), as well as numerous lessons, assemblies, clubs, training sessions, emerging leaders courses, clubs and residential weekends. These all change and adapt as school requirements change. This year we are focusing on making links outside of the classroom for those students who wish to explore these topics further.

How can people get in contact:

Please email Ruth Walker , or call 335203