Chamber Charity Spotlight | The Archibald Knox Forum | March 2022

Now more than ever local charities need support from the business community to ensure the fantastic work they undertake continues and develops. Charitable work is an excellent way to enhance your businesses CSR, in addition to giving you and your team the “feel good factor” Every month Chamber Voice will be highlighting the propositions and projects of our individual Charity members and educating you on how and why your business might choose to become a supporter. This month we hear from the team at The The Archibald Knox Forum.

Date: Tuesday 08 March 2022

The Archibald Knox Forum is a Manx educational charity set up in 2017. It has one objective: "the advancement of the education of the public, both in the Isle of Man and world-wide, in relation to the work and legacy of Archibald Knox, namely the Manx artist/designer of that name born in the Isle of Man in 1864 and who died there in 1933."

The charity produces a free quarterly newsletter(400 recipients so far) has a Facebook page (c3,000 followers so far), website (11,000 audience so far), a drop-in centre and holds events, exhibitions, film shows and visits to places of Knox interest.

Below are 3 examples of Knox’s work.

From April 2024 to April 2025 we will hold the biggest ever Archibald Knox exhibition and event in the world, here on the Isle of Man.

As well as an exhibition of 175 items at the main gallery of the Manx museum there will also be lectures, workshops, film shows and visits to places of Knox interest, throughout the Island. Many of the exhibits will be from museums and private collectors and are not normally seen by the public.

In order to stage such an event funds are needed between now and 2024 to cover the costs of marketing and promotion, travel, development of a Knox Trail, insurance, packing, transport and production of a catalogue etc.

You can help in the following ways:

Become a member:

£25pa for Single Membership or £35 for Family Membership

£250 for Single Life Membership or £350 for Family Life Membership

Website Sponsorship:

Sponsor a website page for £100pa or £500 in perpetuity

2024/25 Exhibition/Event Sponsorship

Gold Sponsor £5,000

Silver Sponsor £1,000

Pewter Sponsor £500


Any amount

Please contact in any of the following ways:

Telephone: 01624 663762


Facebook: The Archibald Knox Forum

Or donate using the Paypal button or online banking details on our website at