Chamber Charity Spotlight | The Manx Deaf Society| Jan 2022

Now more than ever local charities need support from the business community to ensure the fantastic work they undertake continues and develops. Charitable work is an excellent way to enhance your businesses CSR, in addition to giving you and your team the “feel good factor” Every month Chamber Voice will be highlighting the propositions and projects of our individual Charity members and educating you on how and why your business might choose to become a supporter. This month we hear from the team at The Manx Deaf Society

Date: Friday 14 January 2022

Tell us about your charity and what your aims are?

The Manx Deaf Society is an Isle of Man charity that was founded in the 1920s. Today we support people with hearing loss and hearing challenges. The Manx Deaf Society exists to drive improvements in the welfare, health, wellbeing and education of all people with hearing loss.

What current projects are you undertaking or have in the pipeline?

We run two popular social groups. Deaf Club is for British Sign Language (BSL) users, their family and friends. It meets weekly and has a monthly activity night. This can be a night out with a meal, an activity such as bowling or a short trip to the UK. The Here to Hear Group is for non-BSL users and meets monthly. Previous activities have included craft sessions, guided tours, walks and meals.

We offer an Introduction to BSL course and are hoping to offer an accredited Level 1 course in 2022.

With the return of the TT in 2022 we will be holding Deaf TT again where BSL users enjoy BSL interpreted racing in the Grandstand

Our lipreading classes for adults with hearing loss take place at 3 centres around the Island. These develop the skills required to follow conversation, information on useful equipment  as well as providing a safe supportive environment where everyone feels included.

Our free to loan equipment library enables people to take items home for several weeks before purchasing.

We work with the Fire Brigade Service to provide visual fire alarm systems.

We appreciate that many charities simply do not have the resource or skills required for example to market themselves, run social media platforms or carry out functions such as HR or accounting. If any Chamber members wished to support your charity by offering some time, what kind of skills would you be appreciative of?

If any Chamber members could help with the preparation of press releases that would be most helpful.

In addition to the above how can the business community support your charity?

One of our aims is to raise awareness of hearing loss and deafness. When we are invited to give a talk or presentation to businesses we provide an often misunderstood or overlooked window into the world of people with hearing loss and the challenges they face every day. We suggest strategies businesses can adopt and provide assistance with making buildings and practices more deaf friendly.

Businesses can help us by providing financial support, this can be through volunteering at specific events, providing corporate sponsorship or by holding fundraising events and activities.

The Manx Deaf Society is keen to work with businesses to provide employment opportunities for people with hearing loss.

In turn, how can The Manx Deaf Society help local businesses?

We work with businesses to enable them to become more deaf aware. This has a positive impact on staff and clients who have hearing loss. Deafness is a hidden disability and many people with hearing loss choose not to disclose their deafness. By making working practices more deaf friendly and by being more deaf aware staff feel valued and are likely to be more productive. Staff retention can also increase. By working with businesses we can help them to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Finally, where can our members find more information or contact you?

Contact name: Lucy Buxton

Contact email:

Contact phone: 07624 202875/ 01624 613059