Chamber promotes The Department of Health and Social Care resources in support Autism of Acceptance Month | April 2023

April is recognized internationally as Autism Acceptance Month

Date: Tuesday 04 April 2023

With Autism and neurodiversity becoming increasingly visible and important topics, Chamber is working alongside our positive health and wellbeing forum to bring attention to a range of resources produced by the Department of Health and Social Care.

The resources highlight the importance of raising awareness and encouraging inclusion of individuals with Autism in the workplace. Small adjustments and supports can be put in place to facilitate proper inclusion, and the resources provide guidance on how to implement them effectively.

Chamber encourages all employers to take advantage of these resources and make necessary changes to promote inclusion and acceptance in the workplace.

Autism & ASC Friendly Communication

Autism & ASC Friendly Events

Autism & ASC in Shops & Services 

Autism & ASC in the Workplace

Autism Acceptance Month 2023 

Let us all work together towards building a more inclusive and accepting society for individuals with Autism.