Chief, Treasury & Enterprise Ministers share their ambitions for the economy and the Islands future at Chamber business breakfast | Jan 2023

The Chief, Treasury and Enterprise Ministers reflected on the challenges of the past 24 months, the opportunities ahead and dealt with some challenging questions – at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast briefing event, sponsored by Conister Bank.

Date: Friday 27 January 2023


Chambers multi sectoral membership represents over 80% of private sector employment on the Island, from solopreneurs, micro and small businesses up to International Corporates and the  largest employers. Its 14 volunteer lead Sector forums, with a new Wellbeing and Positive health one about to be launched, are agile, adaptable, collaborative and united on the key issues in the economy currently. Not least the shortage of human talent to employ across every sector that is currently inhibiting growth, reducing choice for residents and putting future new jobs at risk.

MHKs, Alf Cannan, Dr Alex Allinson, and Lawrie Hooper were “the star attraction” at the ‘Three Ministers’ sold out event at the Comis Hotel. The multi sectoral audience from across the Island’s business community were eager to hear their thoughts on the economic challenges and opportunities that the Island faces, and the Ministers were generous with their time and content. It was clear they have a very good grasp of these and seek to “leverage and enable business” to help deal with many of them..

Chaired by Chamber CEO, Kristan MacDonald, the Ministers delivered their take on the Island Plan and Economic Strategy and their key priorities at present – not least the skills and workforce challenges that plague all western economies currently. There were multiple questions ably fielded by the ministers and Kristan. Some of them were reflected back on the audience, as to what businesses could do to support them in dealing on so many fronts.

Chamber CEO Rebecca George thanked the Ministers, sponsors Conister Bank, and everyone in the audience who attended. She added: “We had a fantastic turnout - the highest member attendance yet - providing ample opportunity for networking. Valuable insight was provided into a wide range of topics with a focus on the post-Covid19 cost of living challenges facing our economy and island. Most of all it demonstrated to members the Chamber has great access to the most powerful influencers on our economy, we are positive in our provocative questioning and challenging and we also share all issues in open and honest dialogue – it is in all of our interests for  business and the economy to succeed.”

Chamber is committed to direct engagement, sharing data and providing timely feedback on whats going on, “on the ground” in our economy, that impacts Private and Third Sectors and  Treasury revenue. This is especially important in our Local Economy right now.

Sponsor, Conister Bank's write up of the event can be found here. 

Details about upcoming events can be found on the Chamber website