Climate change expert Professor James Curran to speak at Chamber AGM | August 2020

Climate change expert Professor James Curran will be the guest speaker, via a live video link, at the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce AGM on September 11th.

Date: Thursday 13 August 2020

Climate change expert Professor James Curran will be the guest speaker, via a live video link, at the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce AGM on September 11th.

He is currently chair of both the James Hutton Institute, and Climate Ready Clyde which is a cross-sector initiative to create a shared vision, strategy and action plan for an adapting Glasgow City Region. But he is best known here on the Island for writing the IMPACT (Isle of Man Programme for Achievement of Climate Targets) report for Isle of Man Government which was published last year, and for being appointed as independent chair to lead the work of the Government’s Climate Emergency Consultative Transformation Team to produce a Climate Change Action Plan for net-zero emissions. In July this year the general public were invited by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) to express their opinions on the proposed Climate Change Bill which includes a commitment to the Isle of Man achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Consultation on the Bill closes on September 1st.

Professor Curran will speak to Chamber when the Island’s biggest business network gathers for the AGM – sponsored by Celton Manx – at The Nunnery. Chamber President Caren Pegg will also be announcing the organisation’s key objectives and strategy for 2020/2021, and will explain Chamber’s business manifesto for members to take forward during the run-up to next year's Isle of Man General Election, including key questions to ask prospective candidates regarding their views on all issues that affect business on the Island.

Rebecca George, Chamber’s CEO, commented: “This year will be Chamber’s 65th AGM, and it may be one of the most important in the organisation’s history as our members face what are unquestionably the greatest challenges we have seen since the Island became an international business centre. The impact of climate change and Covid-19 will both be topics that will form part of debate in next year’s General Election campaign, so our business manifesto will clearly set out Chamber’s agenda to ensure that prospective candidates and voters consider those issues, and all other matters relevant to the business community, economic recovery, and the Island’s future as an international business centre.”

Bill Mummery, Executive Director, Celton Manx said: “As we enter a new word post-Covid-19 it is entirely appropriate that we seriously consider the impact of climate change and how all businesses have a part to play in meeting the challenges and goals that are before us. An opportunity to hear Professor James Curran speak on the topic, thanks to Chamber, is both valuable and timely.”

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After the AGM guests are invited to watch a spectacular 10 minute video – titled ‘Losing The Dark’ – at The Dome (also at The Nunnery). Using the Island’s most advanced cinema theatre, the video raises awareness of light pollution, and illustrates the importance of the Isle of Man’s dark skies status. There are two shows – 5.30pm to 5.40pm and 5.45pm to 5.55pm. Losing The Dark shows are not included as part of Chamber AGM tickets, so bookings must be made separately by clicking here