Domestic Abuse | Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse | April 2022

Chamber has been recently approached by Carl Fielding, Domestic Abuse Strategic Co-ordinator for the Department of Home Affairs regarding a scheme he is raising awareness of.

Date: Thursday 28 April 2022

The Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (UK) are a growing network of large and small businesses. Their mission is to enable employers to take action on domestic abuse – raising awareness among all employees, supporting those facing domestic abuse, and providing access to services to help perpetrators to stop.

When employers demonstrate that they are aware of domestic abuse and make staff aware of the services that are available, this can help to reduce the wall of silence about domestic abuse that prevents many from seeking help.

Many employers are already taking action in their organisations – for example developing policies on domestic abuse, raising awareness amongst employees, training senior staff, managers and ambassadors on how to identify those who may need help, and offering direct help or signposting to where it can be found.

Working together and learning from best practice among global business leaders, members of the Employers’ Initiative network have developed new approaches to domestic abuse that supports the people affected, helps stop perpetrators and creates a better business environment for all. By helping companies develop good internal policies, and through awareness campaigns, we are tackling the stigma surrounding domestic abuse, and making it easier for employees to seek out the best support available.

The Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (UK) provide easily accessible tools and resources, enabling businesses to better support their employees affected by domestic abuse. We collaborate with partners across our membership network to develop these resources and ensure that every business is equipped with the tools they need.

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