Event Review | Galtipp | Providing workforce solutions for the hospitality and retail sectors | November 2022

Date: Friday 04 November 2022

Galtipp Solutions IOM Ltd was set upon the Island to support and assist primarily the issues of workforce solutions for the Island.

With over 50 years’ experience bringing thousands of employees to the UK and Ireland Galtipp is well positioned to offer invaluable help in a variety of sectors. By using their presence and extensive contacts in Latin America and the Commonwealth, Galtipp Solutions can supply highly skilled English-speaking candidates to the Isle of Man, across all sectors.

Galtipp Solutions presented a realtime proposal to the Hospitality sector in IOM, in response to briefings by Industry sources and Government representatives on the significant challenges faced by the Hospitality/Retail sectors.

A very lively discussion followed the presentation, and the main points from these discussions were the challenges of labour supply, accommodation and inordinate delays in processing Visas (from the UK side). On the issue of Visa delays, live examples of up to ten-month delays were described. Often season has come to an end.

Lack of suitable accommodation also featured as a real challenge and there was a lively discussion as to the solution for this.
• Homestay extended farther than for TT.
• Incentives for homeowners to offer spare rooms but these would need some form of registration and vetting
• Brown field sites
• Empty rooms and apartment from the B&B sectors and hotel sectors out of season.
• What happens when the season then starts.
• Employers are now facing questions of what they can do themselves which for larger companies may be feasible but for smaller companies a challenge.
• Modular builds and proposals to be made easier to achieve.
• Find a room App
• Planning on Island to be looked at to make sure that proposals are dealt with in a more efficient manner to assist the whole Island to be able to benefit.

Galtipp are well aware of the issues around sourcing international work force and the challenges are to ensure:

• that the right person is matched to the right employer and
• that both parties are satisfied
• that the employee is not exploited
• that there is a commitment to the employer
• that the employer gets someone who is trained and able to action the job description.

Coming to the Island is a challenge. It’s a different country culture and if the wish is to settle with the family, then everything from education, accommodation and health has to be covered.