Finance & professional Services Forum - Key Issues paper | May 2023

Date: Thursday 04 May 2023

Foreword from FPS Forum Lead, John Hunter: 

"The Island and its Financial and Professional Services Sector has faced some significant challenges in recent year and many of these remain and continue to pose challenges for our sector.

The Chamber has a significant and extremely diverse membership who are willing to bring their wider experiences to help and support developing the sector further and support the various agencies with their agendas for growth.

The result of recent research among our members and the wider business community will probably not bring with it any surprises, but the important thing now is to develop some working groups to look at how we can contribute to building a way forward, accepting that there is not a 'silver bullet' to resolve everything.

Collaboration is the key word here in bringing forward different ideas and thinking from those who have a wide industrial experience.''

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