Love Tech | Chamber Charity of Choice 2022-2023 | Meet the Mentor | May 2022

Love Tech is Chamber's Chosen Charity of Choice for 2022-2023. As the Island’s biggest business network we will be planning initiatives to provide further support for the charity.

Date: Thursday 26 May 2022

Rachel Javis

The aim of Love Tech is to to inspire and empower girls and young women to explore opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through events, workshops and mentorship in the Isle of Man.

Love Tech imagine a world in which women and men have truly equal opportunities, representation and recognition in STEM careers and academia and  are supported by valued sponsors and STEM mentors. Today we learn more about Technology Mentor Rachel Javis.

Rachel has spent most of her life asking questions about the world around her. A curiosity for how life functions at the molecular level lead her to a Biochemistry degree at the University of Edinburgh. Towards the end of her degree she realised that she was not as interested in performing practical experiments in a lab coat, as wanting to learn more about using coding and data to answer biological questions. Her skills in questioning everything, thinking outside of the box and a desire to learn to code landed her in a role as a Software Test Engineer for a biotechnology and medical device company in Cambridge.

Today, Rachel is a Software Test Engineer at one of the world’s leading gaming software companies based here on the Isle of Man – a career that she never knew existed when she was at school. Although a computer science degree may have been a more traditional path into the role that she is in today, Rachel believes that following your interests and taking risks in your career can lead to exciting opportunities, beyond what you might currently think is possible!

If you are interested in becoming a Love Tech Mentor or Volunteer please contact the team here.