Meet the Sustaining member | Moni Talks | April 2022

By paying an increased fee sustaining members demonstrate their commitment to supporting the work that Chamber undertakes in helping to sustain and grow the local economy. Today we chat to Moni Talks.

Date: Thursday 21 April 2022

Tell us about your business?

Moni Talks is a cryptocurrency platform which incorporates education, news, market data and an exchange to enable people, whatever their level of experience, to join the crypto revolution. It is established on the principles of openness, honesty, and transparency; everyone can see exactly who we are, what we do and how to get in touch with us directly. As I began dipping my toe in cryptocurrency trading, I found many exchanges excluded those without experience or seemed opaque about who was involved, where they were based and how they operated. Many seemed disinterested in protecting and informing their users. Moni Talks is my response to that. Education and information are at the forefront of the platform. We embrace regulation to protection our users. We are entirely open about ourselves and our business. We want to enable more people to begin investing in cryptocurrency confidently with an inclusive, secure, trustworthy exchange. I established Moni Talks in the Isle of Man as it is my home and there is an active and dynamic blockchain/cryptocurrency community here. I’ve been fortunate enough to tap into amazing local expertise and recruit outstanding talent from within the Island, such as Moni Talks’ Chief Executive Office Lisa Armstrong. We now have more than 15 in the Isle of Man, in roles including compliance, customer services, marketing and IT development, and we are recruiting for more positions.

What services do you offer?

Moni Talks is primarily about helping people engage in the cryptocurrency industry confidently and safely. We have developed a platform which embraces educational tools with the free Learn Moni service, industry news with the free Latest Moni service, and a secure cryptocurrency exchange, Trade Moni, which supports a wide offering of crypto coins, tokens and trading instruments. Unlike some crypto exchanges, Moni Talks incorporates as standard insurance, security, wallet disaster recovery and deep liquidity. Additionally, we are registered with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority for our users’ peace of mind. To enhance our services, we have enabled ultra-fast trading, simple deposits and withdrawals, straightforward sign-up, no-nonsense spot-trading, real-time market information, zero deposit and withdrawal commission on fiat, technical analysis tools and indicators and on-platform chat support.

Do you have any events coming up or current projects you can share with us?

Moni Talks is involved in a wide range of events, as organiser and sponsor. We have hosted occasions on and off-Island to introduce ourselves to the industry, and sponsored everything from the Junior Achievement Isle of Man Company Programme Awards to Business Leader’s annual Go:Tech Awards in the UK. We have team members scheduled to attend events here and overseas throughout 2022, flying the flag for Moni Talks and the Isle of Man. We are already working on several exciting additions to Moni Talks, including a game-changing crypto community platform will allow users to set the tone, direction, and content of conversations about cryptocurrencies, trading and blockchain technology. There are several more innovations we are working on, but we can’t reveal those just yet!

What are your plans and goals for the future?

Despite being in a complex and fast-moving industry, the goals for Moni Talks are relatively simple. We want to set a new standard for responsible, inclusive, informed, secure cryptocurrency trading. Our team, under the day-to-day management of CEO Lisa Armstrong, are working to a seven-year plan to make Moni Talks an industry leader in several global jurisdictions, and then prepare for the next phase of development. We plan to grow the platform to take on established names and beat them by being disruptors in a space previously dominated by unreliable, closed and unregulated providers. We aim to be active internationally, with offices in other countries as we adopt and recognise local regulations, but the Isle of Man will always be our headquarters. On a personal level, I want to continue working with Lisa to grow our team in the Isle of Man, creating new, high-quality jobs in an exciting and diverse industry to give people here, especially the younger generation, rewarding opportunities without leaving our shores.

Where are you based and how can people contact you?

Moni Talks is headquartered in offices within Victory House, Prospect Hill, Douglas. Our website is, you can email or you can find us on most social media channels. Myself and Lisa are also both active on LinkedIn and always happy to engage if you have any questions or are interested in what we are trying to achieve with Moni Talks.

Finally, why is Chamber membership so important to you?

Both myself and Lisa have benefitted from the work of the Chamber in the past, from the educational and informative events to the excellent networking opportunities. In bringing Moni Talks to market, being a Sustaining Member of the Chamber has been invaluable. It has connected us with others in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries who were keen to support and assist us on our journey. We have been introduced to people and businesses which provided solutions to some of the challenges we’ve encountered along the way, and it has been immensely helpful as we have recruited to grow the team. The Isle of Man business community is exceptionally supportive and the Chamber embodies this quality.