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Date: Wednesday 26 February 2020

You may know that the Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere but be unsure what that means – or how your organisation can contribute to it.

UNESCO admits territories to its global network of Biospheres only if they have something special – and have the commitment of their people to sustain it.

There are Biospheres in every continent but Antarctica, so that ‘something special’ differs greatly from Biosphere to Biosphere.

Rooted in conserving biodiversity, the programme now weaves in other key aspects of life, too: the economy that drives us forward, the culture that has shaped us, the heritage that surrounds us, the sense of community that binds us.  All must be sustained, in a balanced way, if we are to have a successful future.  Biospheres prompt, among their populations, interest, care and action.

Our membership of the Biosphere programme encourages us to identify, preserve and promote what we have and future-proof it by finding innovative solutions and making good decisions.  The challenges faced by our planet are well-documented and the Isle of Man is not immune to these. As an outward looking, responsible, nation, the Isle of Man must be part of the solution.  It is up to each and every one of us to act to ensure the future sustainability of our world and our Island.

Our commercial sector is a major contributor to our Biosphere’s efforts towards a sustainable future.  Businesses have a big role to play in effecting change, both within their organisations and as influencers of others.  Your actions touch upon large workforces and large customer bases.

Sustainable practice differs from sector to sector, and organisation to organisation. But, whether it’s developing a new product, reducing energy use, eradicating waste, switching to local suppliers, supporting good causes or championing our language, you all contribute.

Increasingly, people care about the practices of who they do business with, where they spend their money and who they work for.  Businesses that become more sustainable will, we believe, benefit in terms of reputation, recruitment and reward.

Your organisation can pledge its support by becoming a Partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

There are no fees, no men with clipboards, no annual audits.  You simply tell us what you are achieving under the six Biosphere Pledge points – and strive to do more in the future.

You can apply online – and I am here to support you if you need it.  If you are accepted, we ask that you display your Biosphere certificate and logo and proudly demonstrate to your workforce and your customers that you are doing your bit towards a sustainable Isle of Man.

Jo Overty
Project Officer
UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man