Why offer Mentorship and how the Chamber Advisory Platform can provide valuable support | November 2020

Although Isle of Man lockdown is behind us, we are still living in challenging times, each of us facing our own issues and uncertainty. When we launched the Chamber Advisory Platform, our aim was to provide a tool that Chamber members could use to support development and share knowledge in the form of mentorship.

Date: Monday 23 November 2020

Benefits of Mentoring

Research has shown that mentoring programs offer benefits for both parties involved. Being a mentor can bring many benefits. The interaction from mentoring increases social engagement, which helps people avoid the loneliness and isolation often experienced when running a business or leading a team.

The experience of offering mentorship gives the mentor a chance to revisit and reflect on obstacles they have overcome and the successes they have achieved, which can in turn, will offer inspiration, support, and knowledge to a mentee.

Mentoring Skill

A good mentor needs specific skills, such as active listening and empathy. There are often times when a mentee needs guidance or ideas, and other times when they just need to talk about what is on their mind and want someone to just listen.

As a Chamber Advisory Platform Mentor/ Advisor you will be required to give free of charge, unbiased advice in a confidential and empathetic manner without selling or recommending any chargeable services to start ups, and vulnerable businesses.

Chamber will be running regular marketing campaigns, highlighting and profiling the work of our CAP mentors and their expertise.  

The amount of time you pledge and how many Mentees you assist is at your complete discretion, any assistance you can give is so gratefully received.

We also have plans to merge our existing Business Connex (BCX) service with CAP. Meaning that should we receive any non-mentorship requests for chargeable services from established on island or relocating businesses we will be able to link them with services found on BAS.

For more information on CAP or to pledge your support please click