World Wellbeing Week | BetterBe video 3 | June 2022

Our wonderful members BetterBe have made a video mini-series to talk about Health, Well-being and Performance in the workplace. One short video each day to give you a few important snippets of information about how to introduce and support Well-being in your company.

Date: Wednesday 29 June 2022

Here is the third video from BetterBe on the occasion of this World Well-being Week. How important is the work environment when you are thinking about planning and implementing a successful health promotion programme? What are some factors that you need to assess when looking at your work environment? These and other topics will be discussed in this short video about the importance of the work environment when you want to improve your employees' health and boost your company's performance.

Don't miss out and make sure to invest a few minutes of your time, which might just be the first step towards a healthier and more productive future for your company!

Click here to view the video