Current Consultations | July 2022

There are some important consultations out at the moment that we would like to draw your attention to

Date: Tuesday 19 July 2022

Via the Chamber Legislation Group, we intend to submit a centralised response to each Consultation on behalf of the membership.  To do this, we require a mandate from our membersTherefore, as well as submitting responses on behalf of your business please can you share specific feedback or comments direct to me no later than 16 Aug 2022 (for the National Insurance Reform consultation deadline for feedback is 13th Sept) so they can be incorporated within our response. 

National Insurance Reform Proposals – closes 7th Oct

The purpose of the consultation is to obtain views in relation to National Insurance reform proposals.

National Insurance reform proposals - Cabinet Office of the Isle of Man Government - Citizen Space

Question paper: Consultation Paper National Insurance Reform Proposals July 2022.pdf (


Family Leave Rights - closes 26th Aug

The consultation includes proposals to introduce new statutory family leave rights such as shared parental leave, parental bereavement leave and time off for dependents:


Zero Hours Contracts - closes 26th Aug

The consultation includes proposals to regulate zero hour contracts including a right to request a stable contract for those not in regular employment and extending rights to written statements of employment particulars to workers:


Whistleblowing – closes 26th Aug

The consultation includes short-term proposals to improve whistleblowing legislation, but also seeks views on wider, more far reaching changes to the whistleblowing framework in the Island, including possible creation of an office for whistleblowers:

A press release on the consultations can also be found here: