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The Lloyds Bank Academy - packed with free online tools to help individuals, charities and businesses unlock the potential of digital, keep up in an increasingly digital workplace and save time.  

KPMG Covid Support Hub

Business Continuity

Listed below are various services available locally in terms of business continuity

Video Conferencing Solutions, e-signature, cyber security, postal services, hardware and cloud-based services for remote working

Office Space 

For businesses that are considering split working to manage contamination risk, short term option if your premises is being deep cleaned or a longer-term contingency site there are various options available inc:

Useful guidance and advice

Below you will find links from Chamber members offering guidance and advice: 

Coronavirus - Consideration for employers - Smart HR

What steps should employers be taking - Cains

Making the difficult decisions as an Isle of Man Employer - Dot Performance

Combating COVID-19 with resilience - Deloitte 

Working through COVID-19- TISE

Be Proactive, Be Prepared, Act Local, Think Global- Dr. Marlon Cruz, MC Consulting Services

MannSocial - Social Media Marketing Facebook Group

MPES - Access to the three FREE online bookkeeping courses

Wavelength Coaching have created two videos on managing stress and anxiety during the current situation & dealing with home isolation 

KPMG run a  COVID-19 eBulletin – this is free, insightful content, to help businesses through the COVID pandemic 

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