A practical workshop on gender equality | Love Tech | Chamber Charity of Choice 2022-2023

Do you think that you are unbiased?

Do you think that ‘gender equality’ demonises men?  

Do you want to understand steps that you can take to really lead on this issue and improve your workplace for everyone?

Although Love Tech is a charity with the aim of empowering girls and women, this workshop is for anyone who works with others or is a parent!  Do not miss the opportunity to educate yourself on this hot topic!

Taking an alternative approach to this much mentioned topic, Love Tech will guide us through the reasons why gender equality remains an issue, how to navigate it and introduce some easy and practical ways on how we can all be part of the solution.  

Due to Love Tech and Chamber operating as not for profit organisations we are simply charging a nominal fee to cover administration costs. As this event takes place at lunchtime please feel free to bring along food. Tea and coffee will be provided free of charge.

Tickets - £5.50 plus VAT and Eventbrite fees.

Filming and recording

Please note that photographs and recordings taken at this event may be used on the LoveTech website,social networking sites and in other publications. If you do not wish to have your image used for this purpose, please speak to the course leader.

We will be recording the event.

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