Chamber Wellbeing in the Workplace week | The 4 most important steps to improve health and performance in your company with BetterBe | June 2022

BetterBe was born on the realisation by its two founders, Lisa and Lukas Burri, that there was a clear link between employees' health and a company's performance and that this link is rarely utilised sufficiently.

In this presentation, they will show you how you can use this link to your company’s advantage and create a real culture of health for your team, which will massively improve your business performance. They will also show you the scientific basis proving the relationship between physical health and work performance.

You will come away with a better understanding of the impact that your employee’s health can have on their performance and learn about the 4 steps for creating a true culture of health within your company. Last, but not least, they will also give you a few tips that you can immediately implement to take the first steps towards better wellbeing at work. 

This presentation is mainly aimed at managers, human resources and people involved in a wellbeing team in their company.

About the speakers

Lisa Burri, Nutrition Coach and Environmental advisor and her husband Lukas Burri, Specialist in Internal Medicine and General Practitioner, have joined together with the goal of improving people’s health at the workplace and increase their performance through healthy lifestyle choices. In their 20 years combined experience, they have realised that a proactive approach is often better than to be reactive. This is what many leaders who have built successful businesses have had to be: proactive. Now they invite you to apply this to your employees’ health and boost your company’s performance!

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