DPO | Why should you be worried about Microsoft 365? | Dec 2022

Lockdown and the push to remote working meant that many organisations on the Island jumped to deploy Microsoft 365 and utilise its range of many tools. While Microsoft 365 offers some great new ways of working it also presents some issues to an organisations data, records and personal data if not managed correctly.

In this 1-hour webinar, Rob Bath will take us through the basics of 365 and how it works and therefore what some of the threats are and what we can do about them. Obviously, Microsoft 365 is a big ‘beast’ to tackle, therefore we won’t get through everything. However, you should come away with a better understanding of Microsoft 365 as a DPO/Records Manager/Compliance Manager/other and have some tips for how to get started putting pandora back in the box.

Having overseen some of the UK’s most extensive records management architectures in Microsoft 365, Rob is a leading solution architect and subject matter expert of the platform’s retention capabilities. Currently serving as the IRMS’ Digital Director, Rob aims to help to bridge the gap between Information Management and IT.

This event is being facilitated by Channel Islands and Isle of Man Information and Records Management Society (IRMS).

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