Hiring for the future: Incorporating graduates into your workforce

We are assisting the Our People workstream of the Economic Recovery Group to understand the graduate recruitment needs of businesses in the Island and would value input from the local business community.

As is the case across the World, the Isle of Man’s population is ageing and the size of the working population in the Island has been getting smaller meaning businesses are often unable to find the skills they need, a problem which is likely to be exacerbated in the future. Meanwhile, only around half of our University students who leave the Island to study return once they have graduated, one of the worst graduate retention rates in the British Isles.

We’d like to hear from those businesses that have never previously considered hiring a graduate when looking to grow the workforce as well as the experiences, both positive and negative, of those who have hired graduates.

The event will take the format of a workshop to allow discussion and take away ideas.

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