Isle Listen | Managing wellbeing in a hybrid working environment | July 2021

To provide you with an understanding of the challenges of managing the wellbeing of your team members in a hybrid or remote working environment.

About this event

This short introductory session provides you with an introduction to the challenges and opportunities created by hybrid working and understanding the link to maintaining wellbeing and performance.

This one-hour workshop is held in a relaxed atmosphere to optimise the learning process. By the end of the session you will have learnt:

• The unique challenges presented by a hybrid working environment

• How to reconnect and keep connected – tips for creating a supportive team

• The benefits of listening intently and communicating personally for a quality dialogue

• How to tune into the signs that your team is not coping

• Healthy coping strategies to reduce the effects of stress

Who should attend?

This session is designed for anyone who is interested in managing their mental wellbeing, and particularly for managers who want to learn how to navigate the hybrid working environment while looking after their team’s wellbeing.

This course is brought to you by Isle Listen, a trading name of MCH Psychological Services, a registered charity.

Our mission is to promote awareness of mental health in the local community in support of the people of the Isle of Man and beyond.

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