Live Cyber Attack: Your Company is at Risk | Sponsored by Riela Cyber

Cyber criminals are constantly on the hunt for confidential company data to exploit. Make no mistake, cybercrime is a professional industry which purely exists to make money from you or your data! This is why in today’s world, basic cyber security measures are no longer up to the task. Hackers are not stopped by basic security measures to access your data and take over your systems.

Join us on Thursday the 24th of June as our Cyber Security Engineer, Dr Joseph Ikhalia will be doing just this as he plays the role of a 'Black-Hat Hacker', showcasing just how simple it can be to gain access to a company’s data in a live cyber attack demonstration.

In this live cyber attack demo we will:
1. Demonstrate the common attack methods used by cyber criminals
2. Highlight common misconceptions within companies around cyber security measures
3. Discuss adequate measures you and your company should take to minimise the risk
4. Learn how you can verify your own cyber security posture

Thanks again to our kind sponsors Riela Cyber who have provided a light lunch and refreshments please click here to reserve your FREE place