Mind your own business - Isle Listen walk-in sessions (1)

We are delighted to let you know that Isle Listen, our charitable initiative of choice, will be offering some ‘walk-in’ mental health and wellbeing open sessions at the Eagle Lab which will be exclusively available to all Chamber and Eagle Lab members on Monday 23rd November and Monday 7th December between 10am and 2pm. They can offer valuable advice, guidance and resource signposting around workplace mental health and wellbeing strategies.
Around 1 in 6 employees experience a mental health or wellbeing issue each year. While the reasons behind it are not always work-related, it is important that employers and their workforce know how to address mental health and wellbeing and support one another.
If you work alone, run your own business or are involved in employee wellbeing, you could benefit from a ‘listening ear’ as well as learning more about how the Isle Listen team could help you and your business. To learn more about Isle Listen, go to islelisten.im