Dare to be Different - How to Disrupt, Innovate & Think Differently to Win with Maverick Maker Carol Glover | November 2020

Working with and for entrepreneurs, worldwide, in her career, Carol Glover has developed her own intrapreneurial leadership skill set across multiple roles and sectors , shaping her into a successful Generalist leader in a Specialist world – one of the most in demand skillsets for the 2020s.

This interactive presentation is absolutely FREE and Carol aims to explore :

What is Disruption? And How Does Disruption & Thinking Differently Drive Innovation

Why “Thinking Differently” matters to :

- Your Health

- Your personal growth

- Your success

- Your team & colleagues

This session will be held in our Babbage's Venue which will be open from 17.30 for those wishing to purchase hot meals and refreshments before the talk begins - ideal for anyone coming straight from work.

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