Live at Home | Charity Fundraising Evening | Manx Midsummers Evening | July 2021

This event, hosted by the wonderful Charity, Live at Home is set to be a lovely start to the long weekend to celebrate Tynwald Day, our national day on the Island. Live at Home are hoping to make this the first of an annual event celebrating Manx food, drink and spirit.


Live at Home is a charity that works to tackle the impact of loneliness and isolation on mental and physical health. The experience of the last 14 months has shown how loneliness can have a great toll on mental wellbeing and more people now understand more easily how many older people feel normally – pandemic, or not.

The charity has been working hard throughout the three lockdowns to support our members and anyone that was in need of support but may not have been known to us.  Live at Home have spent time making calls out to people throughout and checking that that were ok. During lockdowns 1-3 the charity made over 8000 calls OUT to do this – a USP that they feel separates them from other support where people in need were asked to ring IN for support.

Live at Home have been actively connecting with members and working to show that they care. Mental health has been massively impacted by the lockdowns and our calls have been a great flagging system also for those that may have needed further intervention or help. Live at Home have provided people with a place to access information and help that meant that statutory services that may have been called upon had the space to deal with those in greater and more emergency need.

However, Covid has been hard on their fundraising ability. They are now having to raise funds more urgently to support our work for the future. If you would like to help Live at Home to help others by taking a table or attending the event please call Jackie Bridson on 61657 / 497603 or email