Manninvest launches Invest in me

Is your business idea so good you could persuade a seasoned investor to part with their money?

Invest in Me is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come face-to-face with a panel of experienced financial backers looking to make profitable investments.

You will be in the spotlight – in front of a live audience the strength of your idea will go under the microscope, searching questions will be asked about your business plan and you will get a grilling on your ambitions, valuation and strategy.

Invest in Me will be held on Thursday April 23 at the Noa Bakehouse in Douglas and to be considered to take part please send a short pitch to by Friday, February 28.

Those who are successful will be mentored and given advice for producing a detailed Investment Memorandum to be circulated to the investors as well as how to deliver a professional, fully researched and polished pitch on April 23. There will also be the opportunity to receive some presentation skills training from The Learning Curve, who deliver learning and development courses and workshops on the Island.

Invest in Me is being organised by Manninvest. The company has an experienced team of advisers who broker beneficial relationships between investors and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Through its extensive, international contacts it has built up a diverse portfolio of opportunities to cater for all investor appetites. The team has mentored more than 40 companies helping them to get their businesses ready for external investment before introducing them to investors who are looking to provide a cash injection in return for a stake in the business. Advisers work with individual investors and investment companies, some are Island based others are in the UK or in jurisdictions further afield. Manninvest focusses on companies who have already proved a need for their product or service but which are at the stage where they need further investment to scale up. The team has been involved in a wide range of sectors including renewables, eco, tech, educational and traditional distribution.

Director Chris Eaton said: “This is a chance for genuine start-ups to pitch their business ideas to real investors. Details of the panel, who are all willing to invest their own money into the right opportunity, will be announced over the coming weeks.

“This is not a competition, this is a genuine opportunity to appear before experienced business investors with a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise and experience. They are always on the lookout for profitable business relationships and they have a passion for innovative ideas. This is the second time we have hosted this event, the first gave the chosen entrepreneurs some very valuable pitching experience and was the starting point for a number of meaningful discussions that lead to direct financial investment.”

Successful business ideas will be notified by email if they have been selected to take part in the Invest In Me event and they will be able to make free use of hot desks at Manninvest’s serviced offices in Douglas for three months from April 1.


Eventbrite link available here