CYBERISLE 2022 | OCT 2022

About this event

Hosted by the Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA), CYBERISLE 2022 features world-class speakers, solutions and opportunities for interaction between the public and private sectors. You will be briefed on the evolving cyber threat and how we must respond as individuals and as a community to keep the Isle of Man safe in cyberspace.

The Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance exists to act as a focal point in developing the Island’s cyber resilience, working in partnership with private and third sector organisations together with the wider population.


What is CYBERISLE 2022?


Held over the course of one day, the event will help business leaders, individuals, community and charitable organisations understand the rapidly changing cyber security threat landscape, and provide practical tools and insights to help you respond successfully.


Who should attend?


Strategy & Leadership Community: This event will be attended by those with overall responsibility for cyber security in all business sectors both public and private within the Isle of Man.

Cyber Security Professionals: Attendees will also include technology and cyber security professionals at all levels from across the public sector, CNI and industry.

Compliance and Risk Community: Attendees would include risk and compliance professionals with responsibility for advising their organisations on how to respond to security challenges.

Members of the public community and charity organisations: The conference would provide updates on how to operate safely in the digital space.

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Organizer of CyberIsle 2022
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