How to build a world class lottery business: Inside Annexio with the millionaire makers

Not just any business operates around the sentiment ‘Creating Life-Changing Moments’. When Tom Brodie created the concept and launched Annexio in 2011, inviting John to join him on the journey with other founding shareholders, little did they know the journey it would take them both on!

Heralded as the fastest growing e-gaming firm on the Isle of Man, and one of the UK’s leading lottery betting providers, Annexio owes its growth to its pacey development of innovative lottery-styled and syndicate games, unabashed celebrity endorsements and bold approach to product launches.

From an initial spark of an idea, Tom Brodie used his extensive knowledge in the online lottery space to launch Annexio. Tom has a particular talent and passion for business strategy and customer acquisition and when combined with the strength and diversity of the other Annexio board members has created a formidable force within this fast-growing sector.

In 2017, whilst heavily involved from the start, Director John Spellman, formerly Managing Director of HBOS Financial Services and a Special Advisor to the Isle of Man Government, joined Tom and the rest of the team on a full time basis as Finance Director. A qualified accountant and banker, serial entrepreneur John knows how to spot an opportunity and has the experience and knowhow to follow it through to fruition.

In an intimate interview with founded Co-Founder Katie Nicholson, our 'millionaire makers', will share their secrets to success, how to scale fast and win the race to market, the changing face of entrepreneurship and what they’ve learned along the way.

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