AFD Group Distribute £2,000,000 to Charity | Dec 2021

Last Thursday 2nd December saw the AFD Group’s 24th annual charity celebration take place in their Babbage’s venue in the Mountain View Innovation Centre just outside Ramsey. Around 40 of the Group’s staff team, including those from the UK and the USA, who have finally been able to reconnect with their colleagues face to face after nearly two years, charity representatives, MHK’s and community guests all gathered to celebrate an incredible £2m being distributed to over 90 charities, both in the Isle of Man and further afield, in 2021.

Date: Wednesday 08 December 2021


The AFD Team, pictured at MVIC, who were all invited to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a company donation in their name

After distributing £1.5m in 2020, Group Managing Director, David Dorricott shared why the Group have increased their giving this year : “It isn’t any secret that the last couple of years have been particularly difficult for charities both locally and globally and so our increased response has been in part due to the hardships caused by government policies around the world, which affect the poor more acutely. We also provided significant funding following the chaotic retreat of US and UK forces from Afghanistan – which left many groups, especially women, children and the Afghan Christian Church in great danger. Our deep concern for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen also led us to seek guidance from our charity partners as to how we might be able to help which then saw AFD funding a sustainable project which brought together representatives from both sides.”

AFD Software, known as “The Postcode People” because of their world-class expertise in British Postal Data take their giving very seriously with it even forming one of the Group’s core company objectives; “To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel”

AFD Group Charity Coordinator, Lindsey Corkill, explains more : “Each year, every member of our AFD team are invited to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a company donation in their name. Behind many of these nominations are often very personal stories and connections to the work undertaken by the nominated charity. This year key themes have been in areas around mental health, increased poverty and deprivation and lost development and education opportunities. At AFD we say it’s ‘more than a job’ as each day you come into work and contribute you are making a real difference to people’s lives globally – for many of our staff this is a driving force and something they are very proud of!”

The AFD Group also take their own responsibility as global citizens seriously as they continue to provide strong leadership in deploying green energy generation and management. This year’s addition of the largest Tesla battery in the Isle of Man has meant even more efficient storage and use of electricity – and the site was largely self-sufficient in electrical power between April and October.

“ We always look forward to our Charity Event as our Highlight Event every year” says Group Director, Alison Dorricott, “It is wonderful to be able to gather with our team, friends and guests to recognise the positive difference AFD is able to make both close to home and far away; not only by distributing funds needed for such important work around the world but also with its world-leading technologies, which along with the hard work from our staff, allow us to generate those profits to donate!”