BlueWave Communications Put Down Permanent Roots| Member News | August 2020

BlueWave demonstrates commitment to Isle of Man’s communications infrastructure and roll-out of future 5G services.

Date: Tuesday 25 August 2020

BlueWave Put Down Permanent Roots

BlueWave demonstrates commitment to Isle of Man’s communications infrastructure and roll-out of future 5G service.

As part of its continued commitment to investing in the Isle of Man’s telecoms and internet infrastructure, BlueWave has successfully completed the build of its 40-metre communications tower located at the top of Carnane, Douglas. Intending to keep the shorter, existing tower for the free-of-charge use by schools and innovators to deploy “internet of things” services.

This first tower is part of BlueWave’s substantial investment in freehold infrastructure to increase bandwidth, reach and resilience of its services.

BlueWave acquired the former BBC transmitter site in 2019 as it offered a huge wireless reach, able to reach most of the Douglas population from its key location, supporting the local population and also as a “welcome home” transmitter to the Steam Packet ferries.

The tower completion coincides with the establishment of “ManxIX”, the Islands Internet Exchange. This also means that smaller operators and ISPs on the island can connect with members such as Google to get “all you can eat” YouTube content. Small ISPs can also connect to the exchange via wireless connections to the mast site, allowing them to reduce their own costs to customers.

BlueWave has invested in advanced LIDAR wireless planning technology using high-power processing within aql datacentres to provide reliable radio planning and prediction to work out which customers on the island are best served by 4G, 5G or fibre and will invest accordingly.

The compnay has also upgraded its off-Island capacity to better provide for the growing demand on internet access. It has increased and upgraded its on-Island network to improve its resilience and adding extra core sites to expand its Island footprint and also allowing other operators wholesale access to this capacity.

“The Carnane site plays a key part in our support to drive an increase in the potential bandwidth and connectivity available to our customers and expand our business-to-business offering. It will also be a key location for ManxIX - the Islands internet exchange. Also, via our substantial connectivity into the North of the UK and beyond, we can offer managed remote peering to IXLeeds, LiNX or LONAP to existing Manx ISP’s. Whilst we’re here to disrupt, it’s important to understand that our offering is different to the incumbents. We want to enable tomorrow's digital-intensive businesses to afford to operate from the island and there’s opportunity for everyone.” comments Professor Adam Beaumont, CEO of BlueWave.

Laurence Skelly MHK, Minister for Enterprise, said; “BlueWave has always been an ambitious company and this investment shows the company’s commitment to making communications on the Isle of Man better than it ever has been before. We can see it’s an exciting time for BlueWave and one will bring many benefits to the Island’s future.”

Matthew Sayle, Founding Director and Head of Infrastructure of BlueWave, said; “We’re committed to support the Island’s local economy on a global stage by digitally empowering the partners who work with us. The tower is our first, but significant step in rolling out a new Island wide network to allow us to further improve our independent capability and, whilst we are already the most competitive offering in the marketplace, we are determined to also be the most receptive to our customer’s needs.”

About BlueWave Communications

Founded in 2007, BlueWave Communications is the Isle of Man's most disruptive communications provider. The company offers a broad range of communication services to businesses using its network of fibre optic and wireless connections. Following its acquisition by UK based aql in 2015, BlueWave Communications now offers a full operator portfolio across wholesale, developer resources and voice services, including providing 5G as a service to enable innovation using next generation technology.

Headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man, BlueWave Communications’ mission is to deliver the fastest, most cost effective and future-proof communication solutions to the Isle of Man's business community and beyond.