Compassionate Isle of Man | Hidden Disability Sunflower Scheme - making the invisible, visible | April 2021

Compassionate Isle of Man is supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme which is dedicated to helping people whose disability is not immediately obvious.

Date: Monday 26 April 2021

The Sunflower lanyard (and card if carried) discreetly indicates that the wearer has a hidden disability and may need help, and can be displayed by children and adults alike. By increasing awareness, shops, organisations and the general public can act upon the visual cue to provide the Sunflower wearer with additional help or assistance, supporting people who may not ordinarily ask for help.

With the current lockdown now at an end, and with the easing of restrictions, it is important that the Sunflower Scheme continues to provide a means of support to those with a hidden disability. With this in mind, Compassionate Isle of Man has been working in collaboration with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Team and we are now in a position to launch some training, which will be offered online via Zoom, and will take no longer than 45 minutes.

Aimed at raising awareness, providing support and understanding, the Hidden Disability Sunflower Training Scheme is available free of charge to organisations, and Compassionate Isle of Man hopes it will help to make the Island a more inclusive place to live and work. This nationally-recognised scheme will raise awareness within organisations, and will directly assist people in the community such as those with hearing loss, autistic young people and adults, people with Alzheimer’s, and individuals living with mental health issues, ensuring they feel more connected to the people around them.

Dates and times of training:
• 4th May at 2pm
• 10th May at 4pm
• 17th May at 11am

Employers who adopt the Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyard scheme can make a real difference to the lives of colleagues who may have a hidden disability. Companies and organisations can make a tangible difference to their customers, building stronger relationships, developing wellbeing, improving organisational resilience and engendering a compassionate ethos. Retailers can make the shopping experience less stressful, more enjoyable and accessible, encouraging people to return.

In addition, as we open up our borders, visitors, family members and friends can avail themselves of discreet but easily recognised support that will identify that the wearer may require a little extra time and understanding.

Minister for Health, David Ashford who has fully endorsed the adoption of the scheme said, “We have an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people we meet. Wearing a hidden disability sunflower lanyard means you can request help without having to declare it. By taking thirty minutes out of your day to attend the awareness training, you can help to change the everyday challenges of people living with a hidden disability. “

For further information, and to a purchase a sticker identifying your organisation or business as a recognised supporter of the scheme please follow the link where you can buy a branded Hidden Disability sticker which has been designed to incorporate the Manx Three Legs (you can buy the Manx one via this link)


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