Crossroads Isle of Man | Dedicated helpline for carers now available | January 2021

Crossroads has set up a dedicated helpline for carers who need either practical or emotional support during lockdown 2.

Date: Friday 15 January 2021

It is with sadness and frustration that we find ourselves in a lockdown situation as the Island places every effort to reduce coronavirus and keep us safe.

Following lockdown number one, Crossroads learned that many carers coped because they had to, the results of isolation and reduced support networks only really beginning to manifest as measures relaxed and their lives were able to resume to normal.

Carers told us that they would be more willing to accept help should we ever be in a position to have to lockdown again, this certainly has been the case for those carers registered with Crossroads with this prompting us to reach out to other carers or family members who are either existing or new carers.

Crossroads carers line has been set up to offer practical and emotional support, answer questions and signpost onwards to other statutory or third sector services.

Further information on the Crossroad Covid helpline can be found here