Manx National Heritage | Nautical Museum & Peggy Tynwald Report Published | Dec 2021

Manx National Heritage has published a report on the future strategy for the Peggy, her new boathouse and the story of George Quayle - the politician and bank owner who built the vessel - at the Nautical Museum in Castletown.

Date: Wednesday 01 December 2021

In May 2021 Tynwald requested a report be completed by November to explore options for the relocation of the Peggy back to Castletown. This has now been published and will be laid at January’s Tynwald sitting.

Connie Lovel, Executive Director at Manx National Heritage, said:

‘There is no doubt the Peggy has captured the imagination of those who have seen her or heard her unique story, which is one we want to preserve for future generations. The Peggy is part of the Isle of Man and Castletown’s unique heritage which both local and international audiences engage with and take enjoyment from.

‘Manx National Heritage remains committed to returning her to Castletown and, over the coming months, will be working on a fundraising strategy with a view to securing financial support. This will assist with showcasing the Peggy at the Nautical Museum, telling her story in the best possible light and raising the profile of her significance on an international scale.

‘We are pleased that Tynwald recognises the importance of the Peggy and the intrigue she holds for visitors from near and far. This comprehensive report explores a range of options for her ongoing preservation and future accommodation and we look forward to working together with our sponsoring Department (Department for Enterprise) to progress matters and opportunities.’

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Enterprise, added:

‘The Island’s heritage, and particularly our nautical heritage, is an important part of our cultural identity. The Peggy is the oldest complete vessel on the UK National Register of Historic Vessels and Tynwald was right to recognise her importance and supports Manx National Heritage in its desire to review her current status and put forward proposals for her future.

‘The report published this week highlights the challenges with housing a precious artefact such as this and presents a range of options for further discussion and consideration.

‘The Department will continue to work in partnership with Manx National Heritage which is committed to returning the Peggy to Castletown and assist them in their fundraising efforts to display this internationally important vessel as the centrepiece of the Nautical Museum.’

The report can be found here:

Manx National Heritage will be sharing a Q&A document with Tynwald Members and the public in the coming weeks.

More information about the Peggy can be found here:
Please note, information on this link was first published May 2021, some of which may be superseded by the Tynwald report and Q&A document.