Manx Telecom| Still here for you | January 2021

Following the announcement of a further lockdown on the Isle of Man, Manx Telecom is pleased to announce the following support measures that will be put into place to ensure that families and businesses can remain connected over the coming weeks.

Date: Friday 08 January 2021

This includes some temporary measures that are still in place following the lockdown in Spring 2020 which we have maintained over the year to help our customers and clients during these challenging times.

Low User Choice

Our social inclusion tariff “Low User Choice” is a simple, low-cost voice only service that is easy to understand and is designed to help our most vulnerable customers and many elderly people on low incomes or Government benefits. To support Low User Choice customers we have made all local and national calls to fixed and mobile are free on this tariff. Customers on “Low User Choice” do not need to take any action to take advantage of this benefit.

Capped Broadband – we’ve taken the caps off

We are releasing capped broadband services for no additional charge. This is to help ensure our Essential and Fast broadband customers - including the most vulnerable and many elderly - can keep in contact with their family and friends using email, Skype, Facetime and similar online tools.
Customers will still see the 80% and 100% capped redirect portal page messages, with updated text advising that capped release fees are now free. If a customer uses all of their data they just need to check the link on the 100% capped redirect to release their connection, free of charge.

Manx Telecom shop

Our shop in Strand Street is now closed to visitors but is available for online orders at Any orders placed by 10am should receive same-day delivery.

Tech bench support and advice

Our customer service and home network teams are ready and waiting to answer any queries and to provide remote support for homeworkers and anyone experiencing problems. You can call them on 624624, seven days a week for support and assistance from the comfort of your home.

Working hours:


Announcing the measures Manx Telecom CEO Gary Lamb said: “Once again it is time for us all to work together to help support our community in any way we can. I’d like to thank my colleagues for their swift response to this second lockdown and their commitment to supporting all our customers and clients, especially those who are particularly vulnerable. “We recognise access to the telecoms system is more important than ever when we cannot meet and work in our usual ways and would urge any customers facing difficulties to get in touch – our staff are ready and waiting to help wherever we are able to.”