New Charity Member | Archibald Knox Forum | March 2021

The Archibald Knox Forum is a Manx registered charity whose objective is the advancement of the education of the public, both in the Isle of Man and world-wide, in relation to the work and legacy of Archibald Knox, namely the Manx artist/designer of that name born in the Isle of Man in 1864 and who died there in 1933.

Date: Friday 12 March 2021

How can business help the Archibald Knox Forum ?

By inviting us to give talks and film shows on matters pertaining to Archibald Knox and his work. At these events we normally have a small exhibition of his original pieces that the audience can handle and get to appreciate close up.

We hold drop-in centre events and visits to places of Knox interest on the Island and you are invited to join us.
We have a Facebook page with a Knox piece being posted every day and also a dynamic website which is regularly updated. As well as much information about Knox, his work and life, it contains over 2,000 images.

All our work and events are free of charge but we do rely on membership fees and sponsorship or donations to be able to continue.
There is scope for people or organisations to volunteer to help with administration work and visits, thus learning more about this extremely gifted designer, artist and teacher.

Current Projects

We are developing a Knox Trail throughout the Island which will allow people to visit dozens of places of Knox interest and many of his works by using CR code technology which can be accessed by smartphones. This will link back to our website to give a wealth of information to the Manx public and visitors to the Island.
Our other main work for 2021 to 2024 is the planning, fundraising and marketing of the biggest Knox event ever held in the world. This will take place on the Island and will attract thousands of visitors. He is known outside the Island as the designer of silver, pewter and jewellery but this was only about 10 years of his life. Only on the Island can we show all the other facets of his life and work.

How we can help your business

The Archibald Knox Forum whilst promoting Knox also promotes the Island, its culture, history and landscapes as these are the things that inspired and motivated Knox.

Our small exhibition at the Manx Museum in 2018/19 attracted 6,000 visitors and the proposed exhibition is expected to attract at least 30,000 visitors from all over the world. This will give many opportunities for all types of business on the Isle of Man to benefit from such a large audience looking to find out more about Knox and the Island. They will need accommodation, transport, entertainment, food as well as a wonderful welcome from the people and business community of this Island that so nurtured, taught and inspired one of the world’s top designers.
The vision is for Knox to give the Isle of Man a focal point for tourism and scholarship just as Charles Rennie Mackintosh does for Glasgow.

Contact: Chris Hobdell
Tel: (01624) 663762
Facebook: The Archibald Knox Forum
Charity No. 1221
Reg. Co. No. 131101C