New Member| CLAY| October 2020

As an IT Service Provider, the team at Clay offer a full range of IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, from supplying hardware to securing networks and managing everything in between. We are a diverse group, serving our clients with prompt solutions to their unique IT requests.

Date: Tuesday 06 October 2020

The experience we have in leading and managing technology companies in high-stress environments, means Clay has the expertise to guarantee the smooth running of your business through potentially catastrophic events, minimising frustration and revenue loss.  Our Core, User, Cloud, Security and Procurement solutions mean we manage our clients’ businesses completely for every technical aspect.

Our existing clients range from London’s leading architectural firms to health care practices, real estate, financial service providers and start-up charities on the Isle of Man.  This variety, and the time we invest, has resulted in an excellent understanding  of a number of different business models and their day-to-day operations, enabling us to maintain a standard of excellence in our care and the solutions we suggest.

Our highest values at Clay are integrity and honesty and we thankfully enjoy a relationship with our clients of absolute transparency, valuing each and every one of them.

As an emerging business on the Isle of Man, membership of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities for us to learn from a community of entrepreneurs who have walked the path of growing successful businesses before us. Membership to the Chamber of Commerce instils a sense of trust and legitimacy to CLAY IT Managed services and there is a genuine reciprocal commitment from us to support the Isle of Man community and grow together.

We look forward to taking part in events and forums with other business owners and the sense of community, networking and support this will bring.  This sense of connection and community is incredibly valuable and appreciated.

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