New Member | Equality Advisory Ltd | May 2021

The Equality Advisory Ltd is a training and consultancy service, specialising in equality, diversity, inclusion training, advice and guidance for businesses to comply with the obligations of the Equality Act 2017, improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, tackle discrimination and harassment and ensure businesses are accessible to all.

Date: Friday 14 May 2021

Equality Advisory delivers a broad training suite including general equality training, disability awareness, unconscious bias, equality impact assessments, inclusive recruitment and delivering inclusive services. Training can be face to face or by e-learning packages.

Consultancy work includes surveys, research, equality policies, policy review, discrimination & harassment investigations, equality impact assessments, accessibility plans and strategies, diversity audits and access audits of premises.

Dawn Kinnish is the owner and consultant with an in-depth knowledge of equality law and practice.

Why is being a member of Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce so important to your company?

Membership of the Chamber of Commerce matters as it connects business to business in an effective network across all sectors and professionals.

Who is the main point of contact/representative re Chamber for your company?

Dawn Kinnish, Consultant. E: T: 466887