New Member | Fortress IT IOM | October 2020

FORTRESS IT IOM was founded to assist small/medium sized companies to build their business into a virtual fortress. We know you will either have a small IT team or outsourced IT, and we also know that Cyber Security is a whole different thought process and skill set to your BAU operations. We fill that grey area that falls between the business operation and the in-house IT or 3rd party IT team, to ensure your business policies and processes will build resilience and awareness culture into your operation.

Date: Tuesday 06 October 2020

Risk Assessments, Training, Mitigation:
We can help to sharpen your focus on Cyber Security, train your non-IT staff in becoming more "Cyber-Savvy", as well as ensuring your regulatory commitments are taken care of with regards to Cyber Security and Business Continuity planning, policy and procedure.
Through assessment, training and ongoing monitoring, we can help you stay safe, react quickly and meet regulatory obligations, providing you, your clients and your business with a secure model of operation. We aim to be a valued partner in your business.

To start a new business at this time is a daunting prospect. The IOM COC offers such a diverse and incredible variety of services, skills, support and contacts, you’d be crazy to go it alone.

The tagline of “Let’s grow together” strikes a particular chord with my own thinking, as my business is one that naturally works in partnership with other companies, so its exciting that there is a forum for companies who wish to work together for the good of each other and our beautiful Island.

For more information on Fortress IT please contact Steven Dallimore, Chief Technology Officer via