New Member | Manx Aquaponics | November 2020

Manx Aquaponics is a new agricultural venture, operating a modern farm which produces organic vegetables and fish in a predictable, climate-controlled greenhouse.

Date: Monday 16 November 2020

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) in one seamlessly integrated system. Fish waste gets broken down into its constituent nutrients by beneficial bacteria and is absorbed by the plants – providing a rich, organic nutrient mixture for plants to flourish. The filtered water is then brought back to the fish, and the cycle repeats.

As a result of the recirculatory nature of this symbiotic system, aquaponics is able to save around 90% of water usage and provide crop outputs at 8 times the density per square metre compared to traditional arable farming, whilst greatly minimising on the usage of harsh pesticides. As the Isle of Man is a cherished UNESCO Biosphere, we want to ensure that we preserve and enable Manx wildlife and its surrounding waters to thrive.

A manageable and consistent greenhouse temperature also means that produce from all corners of the globe can be grown locally on the Isle of Man, greatly reducing our carbon footprint from imports, and bolstering the Island’s food security.

As a new start-up, it is paramount that we are able to get in contact with and network with individuals and parties who are far more knowledgeable and have deep insight into both the agricultural sector and the business sector as a whole. This ties in with the need for us to learn from those more experienced in these fields, as the frequent events that the Chamber of Commerce offers will be immensely beneficial in reaching out to those who will be able to mentor and assist us as we grow our company.

For more information please contact:-

Richard Yap, (Managing Director) (tel: 07624569596)
Annie Sung, (Manager) (tel: 07624248283)