Standard Bank Isle of Man lends a helping hand to Beach Buddies | Dec 2023

Standard Bank Isle of Man employees joined forces with local charity Beach Buddies to help clean several coastal areas and a stretch of beach on the west coast of the Island.

Date: Friday 02 December 2022


The bank, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner, runs a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for colleagues each year and all permanent employees are granted two ‘Community Days’ as extra annual leave, which they can use for charitable or volunteering purposes of their choosing. In total, 19 employees from across the bank volunteered to take part in the beach clean-up, which involved picking up litter on Peel beach and surrounding coastal areas.

Receiving international recognition for its work, Beach Buddies has attracted more than 15,000 volunteers to its cause since 2013 and is dedicated to putting the Isle of Man on the map for the cleanest beaches in Europe.

Jennie Bronte-Hearne, Programme Lead for Social, Economic, and Environmental (SEE) Initiatives at Standard Bank Isle of Man, said: ‘Standard Bank Isle of Man continually strives to be a responsible corporate citizen of the Isle of Man and actively encourages our employees to get involved in meaningful and sustainable volunteer work across the Island’s community.

‘As a Biosphere Isle of Man Partner, we’ve pledged to protect natural resources, engage with local communities through volunteering and fundraising efforts and make a positive environmental impact where possible. We were naturally keen to support Beach Buddies, a local charity whose work is transforming our Island’s coastline, making the Isle of Man a clean and pollution-free place for all.

‘It’s been really positive to see so many of the Standard Bank team use a portion of their volunteer days to assist this worthwhile charity – with members of our Corporate Banking Team setting up their own session, in their own time over a weekend, as they couldn’t make this one! Not only was it an opportunity for our colleagues to give something back to the local environment, but it was an educational experience, which our team will use to spread the word and raise further awareness about the careless disposal of litter across our coastline.’

Standard Bank has committed to a number of green initiatives in recent years, including its ongoing ‘Eco at Home’ employee campaign, along with the installation of recycling stations across its Douglas-based office, and played a major part in Standard Bank Offshore Group’s journey to Carbon Neutral status in 2022.