Zoe Chestnut Cubbon Life coach | Employee Well-being Seminars |February 2021

Family issues at home can have a significant impact on employee mental health, performance at work and overall well-being; family well-being is essential for employee and workplace well-being.

Date: Tuesday 09 February 2021

Many parents struggle at home with their relationships, their children and their parenting abilities but don’t know where to turn for help.

Workplace access to parenting support is often overlooked, but is a vital component of employee well-being that can be provided by Zoe as a specialist in this field.
Zoe is an independent family consultant, specialising in coaching parents to create happier, healthier family dynamics in the home. Zoe has a wealth of experience and qualifications that enable her to successfully support parents to address any challenges they may be facing alongside increasing their knowledge and understanding of children, expanding their parenting capabilities, building their parental confidence and promoting family wellness.
Zoe can offer a range of one hour Employee Well-being Seminars, including but not limited to:

• Creating Harmony in the Home
• Understanding Children
• Resolving Conflict in the Home
• Emotional Resilience
• Communicating Effectively with Children
• Boundaries, Expectations and Family Values
• Positive Discipline and Consequences

Bespoke, tailor made seminars are also available, for businesses/organisations that have noticed any particular family issues their working parents are facing.
Workplace Parent Drop-In’s can also be arranged, allowing employees some private time to discuss any parenting or family concerns they may have.
Zoe can also take referrals for 1:1 consultations, where more targeted support would be beneficial.
Please contact Zoe to discuss how she can support your employees as an additional part of the well-being provision you already have in place.
You can find more information about Zoe and the services available at www.zoelifecoach.com.