New Member Profile - Healing Matters IoM

Meet new member Healing Matters and learn about the treatments they offer clients.

Date: Friday 03 May 2019

Healing Matters IOM is an Isle of Man based company offering a unique package of holistic complimentary therapies to individuals, groups and companies in person and online to local and international clients of all ages.

We use scientifically proven Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) along with Matrix Reimprinting (MR) which takes EFT one step further. It facilitates in transforming our memories from this and past lives (MPLR) to heal past trauma and bring an improved sense of wellbeing into your current life.

By using these modalities, we can focus on removing the emotional blockages created in our earlier years which cause learned behaviours and limiting beliefs, we can change our decision-making patterns and transform our lives.

When we work on improving our emotional health it helps improve our mental and physical health too. So, by releasing  underlying issues which cause stress, you can become successful. By identifying the underlying root causes to a phobia and releasing it, you can find the freedom you need to move forward.

Further modalities include Usui Reiki & Kundalini Reiki healing in person as a stand-alone therapy or as part of the holistic package including chakra balancing, meditation, visualisation and colour breathing.

Being a member of Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce is important to me as it will enable me to network with other business people and leaders within our community and give me the opportunity to raise awareness of the unique services which Healing Matters IOM offers and contribute to the community where I can.

Like dropping a pebble in a pond, the benefits of each of us being in the Chamber will ripple out to the extent we can support and share each other’s talents and skills with our own clients and so benefit each member. One of my aims is to export my services internationally online and so benefit the local economy along with highlighting the Isle of Man as a business leader on the world stage.

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