New Member | Human | October 2019

Date: Friday 18 October 2019

Human is the collaboration of health, fitness, yoga, and consciousness to promote a naturally healthy way of life and develop Human performance.

We deliver this by providing a positive holistic approach to health and wellbeing incorporating natural movement, yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. We offer personal 1 to 1 training and various classes and workshops in fitness and yoga and health

My name is Alec and I have created Human with the simple aim of making people healthy and happy. I believe that integrating a holistic approach, focusing on the health and development of our mind, body and spirit is the key to a healthy expansive life.

I have spent a decade navigating the health and fitness industry taking inspiration from many different disciplines and at the root of it all for me is our ability to move and coordinate our body consciously and naturally.

The main reason for joining The Commerce is the networking with other start-up companies and the support from people who have ventured further along the business path. It is an avenue for Human to give back and help and support other companies in a similar position which ties in with the ethos of the company. This has provided reassurance especially when things get a little pressured especially in the earlier days.

The marketing support via video and the commerce newsletter appealed to me as marketing is something new to me personally and it was reassuring having support in this area. With the nature of work at Human a video says a thousand words, so this has been a real asset to the company.

The potential for growth through the Knowledge connex and events is something that is important factor for us as the ability to grow with a very fast-paced industry is crucial. 

Contact details 
Alec Warren
0724 219501