New Member Profile - KDC Consulting

Date: Tuesday 02 July 2019

KDC Consutancy is a small professional island-based consultancy that offers business support and training to the Islands Catering and Hospitality industry. Through our many years of experience in the industry we fully understanding the challenges faced in today’s market. We believe in collaborative working, driving change through greater knowledge and understanding by delivering bespoke and individual solutions. One of our key aims is to ensure that the Islands Food and Hospitality businesses have the right support and the right tools to reach their full natural potential, through development of staff and working to auditable legal standards. We are also certified trainers and members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and can deliver a range of nationally recognised certified courses.

In short, we are here to help any business large or small in developing their food safety systems management, their staff and their potential to thrive safely.

One of the main reasons behind our desire to become members is; learning, knowledge, mentoring and opportunity to grow in a safe and supportive environment. The Isle of Man is a small local community and we also want our business to be seen in good standing within our community, by being a member of the Chamber of Commerce it will give us that positive firm standing. We also would like to grow our B2B presence and grow our external networks to allow us not only to develop and grow, but also reach out and support.

It also creates a great forum to network and meet people who have that shared common interest in growing and sustaining their business and their customers. All businesses have differing needs, having the opportunity to discuss these challenges and problems with a group of people who understand, and have faced many of the same issues, gives a comfort in knowing that your situation is not unique.

We would also like to make an active contribution by our investing time and effort, effectively become involved. Through the Chamber there may also be opportunity to speak to and influence future development strategies that will impact our industry.

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