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Date: Tuesday 14 January 2020

 Kemsi is a new compliance, risk and regulatory advisory company providing innovative and flexible solutions to business compliance demands. Kesmi operates primarily in the IOM financial services space with a focus on fiduciary businesses and law firms but with an open approach to other business sectors.  

How many times is a compliance team referred to as the business prevention team?
How often is compliance seen as a ‘cost’ to the business?
How frequently do people say compliance is a ‘necessary evil’

Kesmi has heard it all before! Having worked for the Regulator, and within regulated businesses from junior level to director level, every aspect of complying with regulations has been experienced.   The question should be ‘what is the cost of non-compliance’? What happens if you think you don’t need to be gold standard and that bronze will do?
Civil penalties ARE real and ARE being issued. FSA supervisory visits ARE still identifying serious breaches with licensed businesses and the remediation is costly, time consuming AND stressful. Serious breaches, inadvertent or not, can result in businesses losing their licence or people being deemed not fit and proper to act. Reputations being destroyed in a flash.
It is a FACT that prevention is better than cure. Kesmi works on ‘prevention’ but also on ‘cure’ when it is required.

Kesmi works with businesses to ensure compliance with regulations, that policies and procedures satisfy the requirements and they are tailored to the business needs; that the risk management approach is robust at a business and client level; that all necessary reporting is undertaken on time and that staff are equipped to deal with both every day and one off compliance demands; that the MLROs understand the requirements for ongoing monitoring and SAR reporting.
This could mean Kesmi working with a business on a short-term project ranging from high level M&A due diligence reporting, to adding resource to project that needs to be completed within a specific timescale. It could mean providing company secretarial or governance support to the board or acting as a director providing compliance oversight (*subject to FSA approval). It could mean a longer-term arrangement for a small business or start up firm that only needs a limited amount of compliance support and where it is not viable to recruit for a full time permanent resource.

Whatever the need, Kesmi will work with the business to find a pragmatic, cost effective solution so that businesses only pay for what they need without the restrictions of an employment contract relationship.

Kerry Smith (Mrs) (owner and director)
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